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Define Your Office Workspace

Are considering redesigning or adapting your current office workspace? Engaging and vibrant office environments are at the centre of an employees' enjoyment of their time at work, and so it is crucial that you create the right environment for your employees who enable your business to work and thrive.

The Invisible Painter offers a workplace design consultation services to commercial offices in London and the South of England. This service is designed to maximise the potential of a company's office and includes options to redesign, refurbish, or simply redecorate the office in order to improve its environment.

Encourage Intelligent Working

The Invisible Painter's workplace design consultancy services in London and the South of England exist to advise office owners and managers looking to improve their spaces. We give you the capabilities to optimise your office, utilising the space you have and maximising its potential. By advising you in such a way, you'll be better placed to refurbish and design your office.

How do you define your office space? Careful planning and consideration of the entirety of the space, choosing the right colours, and considering your company's core values must take place in order to provide an exceptional workspace.

Our process consists of a few simple steps

With years of practice, this way of work ensures a streamlined and consistent delivery of quality and greatness. We’d love to prove it to you.



We develop your brief



We survey the space and define what you want to achieve



We bring together your requirements with initial ideas for your space


Design detail

We help to visualise your new space



We create a shopping list, from furniture to fixtures and fittings


Cost Detail

We deliver on budget and on time



We schedule the works to suit you



We complete the work to precise specification

Unlock Your Office's Potential with Space Planning

Office space planning has the ability to unlock the potential of your office space, whether it's confined, small, or lacking imagination. Your workplace may have a case of being underused in terms of the space available, resulting in an under-performing team.

The Invisible Painter has the power to take this confined or ineffectively used space, advise on space planning and therefore improve space efficiency and employee productivity. We operate in London and throughout the South of England - get in touch to discover our expert space planning services.

Visualise Your Space With CAD Design

Computer-aided design has a multitude of benefits for office space planning and office design. Realise your office's potential with our expert CAD design team, who will allow you to visualise your office space before it is created. This gives you the opportunity to fine-tune the details, adapt and change areas, and transform your office into a delightful workspace for your employees.

CAD design allows for a productive and realistic representation of what your office can achieve. Utilise the Invisible Painter's CAD design capabilities and advisory services now.

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