DOFF Steam Cleaning

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Eradicate grime & stains from commercial buildings

DOFF steam cleaning is an extremely effective way to remove stains, grime or dirt that covers the exterior surfaces of buildings. It allows you to quickly remove these stains while preventing the surface from being damaged in any way.

This gentle yet effective technique means that DOFF steam cleaning is highly favourable when it comes to removing stains from blocks and commercial properties in London. Get in touch now for a free quote.

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“The Invisible Painter have helped us with a few jobs at our offices and are now our “go to” guys for office redecoration jobs, large or small. We would recommend them.”

Nicola P
Sales Manager

What is DOFF Steam Cleaning?

DOFF is a steam-based cleaning system, heating water to 150°C and higher in order to deliver one of the most advanced steam-cleaning systems in the world. It uses the capabilities of steam, the ease required to heat it and then the application of this heated steam to remove tough stains that have gathered over the years on residential & commercial buildings or blocks.

All the Invisible Painter technicians are trained and accredited in using DOFF steam cleaning. The DOFF steam cleaning device adapts the temperature & pressure to strip away stubborn marks & residues, while unharming the original surface of the building. It is the perfect cleaning method for this situation as it’s quick & effective.